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Nonesuch Records releases Silver Threads April 29.


  • I'm thrilled to announce that Nonesuch Records will be releasing my Silver Threads cycle on April 29. Performed by Mellissa Hughes; text by Greg Alan Brownderville, Tarfia Faizullah, Kristin Kelly, Dora Malech, and Zach Savich; mixed by Damian Taylor. More info here; album cover to the left.
  • We'll be having the Silver Threads release show at Le Poisson Rouge on May 7. There will be special guest appearances by Eric Beach (percussion), Nathan Koci (synths), and James Moore (guitar), with supertitles design by Laura Grey and lighting design by Nick Kolin. Come join the fun!
  • Mellissa Hughes sang selections from Silver Threads at her recital on Lincoln Center's American Songbook series in March--kudos to Mellissa for the great LC debut!
Am Songbook
  • I recently spoke about contemporary electronic music on NPR's Here and Now--check out the story here.
  • As part of the latest Sleeping Giant collaboration, I'm finishing up a work for eighth blackbird. We recently had a great time workshopping our pieces with the ensemble. After that, next up for me is a piece for The Living Earth Show.
  • I'll be heading to the Ucross Foundation for a residency in April. Apparently it's not far from where I spent a phenomenal summer many years ago at geology field camp, and just the thought of mountains is making me giddy. 
  • The String Orchestra of Brooklyn performed my Stabat Mater Dolorosa in a dark church on a snowy night in December. Many thanks to the talented SoB and the brave audience!   

String Orchestra of Brooklyn




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