Silver Threads album cover

Nonesuch Records released Silver Threads April 29.


  • Silver Threads is going to be featured on Q2's "Best of 2014: New Music" show at the Greene Space in December. Details here--come join us!
  • Check out the press page for an array of Silver Threads reviews.
  • The Carmina Slovenica Choir will be performing Stabat Mater Dolorosa as part of their show Toxic Psalms, featured on the 2015 Prototype Festival in New York. The Slovenian group has performed my work a bunch and I'm excited to finally get to meet them.
  • I made a mixtape of "songs" for Q2.
  • Mellissa sang selections from Silver Threads at her recital on Lincoln Center's American Songbook series in March--kudos to Mellissa for the great LC debut!
Am Songbook
  • I recently spoke about contemporary electronic music on NPR's Here and Now--check out the story here.




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